“Walking into this building took my breath away. I can’t remember the last time that happened…somewhere over the rainbow” Frank Gehry

The Keep Memory Alive Center is the most complex Frank Gehry design in the world. It was an ambitious undertaking coordinated across multiple continents with resulted in one of the world’s most unique venues for weddings, corporate events and much more. Here are a few fun and mind boggling facts about this momentous achievement of modern architecture.

      • 145,000 shop drawing sheets guided the fabrication of the steel
      • 65,000 hours of engineering went into project
      • 30,000 steel bolts and 18,000 stainless steel shingles used
      • 875.5 total tons of steel used
      • 199 windows, and no two are alike in size or shape
      • 9,800 square foot Event Center with a 400 seated or 700 standing capacity–up to 1500 including outdoor spaces
      • 3,000 square foot Wolfgang Puck designed kitchen with equipment by Culinary Design and Fixture
      • 75-foot ceiling
      • 68,000 total square feet of interior space: 52,000 in the medical facility, 16,800 non- medical
      • $80 million dollar construction price tag
      • 0 major injuries during construction
      • 3 continents, 2 bodies of water and 1 desert covered during the transportation of the building’s components
      • The acoustic engineer for the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, Yasuhisa Toyota, also engineered the sound for the Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall