This year has given our team at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center so much to be thankful for. From weddings to galas to corporate events,we are truly thankful for those who allow us to assist them in making their special day memorable. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones and wanted to share our table setting inspirations with you.


Long gone are the days of plastic tablecloths – make your dinner interactive or entertain the kids by using it as a seating chart or coloring book. Or if you’re going for a fancier feel, use a woven setting or double drape the table.

Table Runner

Use these to give a sense of symmetry to your table. They work well for both round and rectangle shaped tables. Utilize out of the ordinary materials or graphic patterns to draw interest to the center of the table.

Place Setting

The trick to a lavish table is stacked dishes. Planning your dishes and how to eat them ahead of time will allow you to get creative about what they’re eaten on or out of. Also, feel free to organize napkins, silverware and seating cards to go along with your theme.

Mood Lighting

Set the mood by using candles for lighting and fragrance. Dress them in your favorite holiday food to give a more festive vibe.

Down the Center

Create a talking point for your guest to easily enjoy by cutting the table in half. Instead of one centerpiece as the focal point display a collection of festive decor down the middle of the table. This works well for long rectangular tables.

Signature Brand

Give your dinner its own signature by hanging bunting on the wall by the bar, branding the runner or painting pumpkins that reminds your guest why they’re gathering. These are also great vignettes for social media posts!

Guest Seating

Creatively use nature to guide guests to their seats – leaves, apples and mini pumpkins all make for conversation-starting name cards.

Food Plating

Sometimes the best serving dishes are other food. Wrap your hors d’oeuvres in cabbage, scoop out the inside of a gourd to hold olives or flatten the top of a pumpkin to place a tray of cheese.

Setting the Table