KMA Charity Gala Event

Unique Las Vegas Event Center is the Perfect Place for Charity Events

One look at the Frank Gehry-designed Keep Memory Alive Event Center Las Vegas and you know you’re in for an event like none other. Nestled in the downtown Symphony Park just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the attention-demanding building seems worlds away from the corporate cluster of boring and bland hotel ballrooms.

One of a Kind Frank Gehry Design

Walking through the breezeway and lush Gehry-designed garden into the undulating stainless steel canopy dotted with 199 windows (no two the same shape or size), you can’t help but let your mind wander to imagine the almost infinite amount of ways the space can be transformed. From weddings, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs to social celebrations, the event center combines iconic design, extraordinary dining and the city’s most innovative LED light presentation to create a truly unique experience. And with the proceeds going to the research, treatment and clinical studies at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, your unforgettable event will help others remember.

“It’s always exciting to watch clients and guests walk into an event and see their face just light up in awe, not knowing where to look first,” said Keep Memory Alive Event Center Director David Watts. “Our team is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind experiences and we’re always thinking of new ways to up the wow factor.”

Fight MSA Event attracts Celebrity Guests

Such was the case at the Kerry Simon Says Fight MSA event held in February to raise funds for his battle against Multiple System Atrophy, a degenerative neurological disorder. Legendary rockers, such as Alice Cooper and Sammy Hagar, and celebrity chefs including Daniel Boulud and Michael Mina, came together in an epic night to entertain and cook for 450 guests, raising nearly $525,000.

“We wanted a venue that could do it all, from staging to lighting to catering and the Keep Memory Alive Event Center had everything, plus the design and the aesthetic is just really breathtaking,” said event organizer Elizabeth Blau. “We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the whole process. Our event was a major success because of the Keep Memory Alive Event Center and its team!”

Keep Memory Alive Wedding Setup

2 Big Reasons to choose an Off Strip Event Center in Las Vegas

Do you have a special event coming up over the next year? Planning a wedding or celebrating an anniversary? Need to find an event center for a corporate function? People and companies from all over the world choose Las Vegas as a destination for important events. If you are planning such a function, you may think that booking a venue on the Las Vegas Strip would be your best choice. While that stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is a famous stop for tourists, as an event location it has several drawbacks that could lead to large headaches. Thankfully Las Vegas offers numerous world class off Strip venues for your events. Here are two big reasons to avoid the headaches from the resorts and casinos to instead host your occasion at an off Strip event center in Las Vegas.

Avoid the Traffic Jams

The Las Vegas Strip is the most congested roadway in the state of Nevada. Want to schedule your event for a weekend? Hope you enjoy driving in bumper to bumper traffic. As any resident of Las Vegas will warn you, during peak times the Strip is jammed with cars. Even if you only need to travel from one hotel to another, plan for a considerable commute time in heavy traffic. You can’t even ask the taxi driver to use side roads, many of the Strip resorts are accessible only from Las Vegas Boulevard. All of this adds up to delays and frustration for your guests when your event is held on the Strip.

Choosing an off Strip event center in Las Vegas, on the other hand, will let you leave all the traffic behind. Enjoy the wide, modern, and well lit Las Vegas city streets. Your guests will be able to arrive on time and ready to enjoy your event.

Leave the Second Hand Smoke Behind

First time visitors are often surprised to learn that the Las Vegas Strip is one of the last places in the world where smoking is allowed in almost all public areas. With the exception of restaurants, people can smoke in nearly all areas of the resorts. The result is a tobacco filled atmosphere which blankets everything from the casino floor to the high end shopping malls. Cigarette smoke is impossible to escape when on the Las Vegas Strip.

If you are hosting an event at a resort on the Strip, your guests will be forced to travel through smoke filled areas on their way to your function. This is because all Las Vegas resorts are designed so that foot traffic has to go through the casino floor to reach any destination in the hotel. Regardless of where your event is being held, your guests will have to pass through the casino and be exposed to secondhand smoke. Not only is this bad for the lungs, but it leaves the lingering smell of tar on your clothes.

Make the smart choice and leave the cigarette smoke behind by booking an off Strip Las Vegas event venue. When your function is held off Strip, you and your guests don’t have to travel through rooms full of smoke. Instead you will find convenient parking and easy access to the event center. Your guests also won’t have to come home smelling like a cigarette factory.

Keep Memory Alive Event Center is the premier off Strip event venue in Las Vegas for weddings, special occasions, and corporate functions. Contact us today to find out more at 702.263.9797 or