Creative Ways To Use Social Media At Events

Social media is an important and essential marketing strategy to promote your event before, during and after the event. With more than 1.4 billion people on Facebook, 284 million on Twitter and 300 million on Instagram, that’s a lot of people to reach! But with so much content, it’s important to incorporate creative and unique ideas to engage users and turn your event into a social success. Here are some tips you can tweak to fit your event social media planning needs.

  1. Hashtag it – Create a special hashtag for your event. Make sure that it’s unique to your event, concise and consistent on all collateral and platforms. If your event is annual, add the year to distinguish and help for further tracking.
  2. “Insta” Gratification – Give your guest the gift of instant gratification by live broadcasting the selfies they upload prior to and at the event with the appropriate hashtags on social media. This helps to positively reinforce your guest experience and interaction with your brand.
  3. You’re invited – Cause a word of mouth wildfire by asking your guests to share their RSVP on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Make it as easy as possible with a few sentences to extend the invitation. Don’t forget to use the event’s special hashtag for tracking and continuity.
  4. Behind the scenes – Show them what’s behind the curtain of an event by hiring someone, designating a person on your team or recruiting your entire staff to capture behind the scenes footage. People are interested in how things are done so show them how the magic happens by exhibiting what it takes to bring everything together, how the staff interacts while the event is going on and what happens after the curtain falls.
  5. Power in numbers – Collaborate with vendors at your event to use your promotional material on their social media channels. This increases your reach and chance of being seen, followed and attended by others not in your immediate network.
  6. Feed FOMO – Play into people’s “fear of missing out” by live streaming your event. After seeing the fun with their own eyes they won’t want to miss it next year.
  7. Monkey See – Prompt people to share on social media what they find interesting by making their environment eye catching, pretty, unique, and even a little unusual. The more visually appealing the venue, the more your guest will be encourage posting. The Keep Memory Alive Event Center is a perfect example of an environment that people want to share with their followers.
  8. Tell it like it is – Let your guests’ voices be heard with a testimonial booth. Increase your control of the content by having a cameraman present to take the footage and then package the clips to use for later.

Take these tips and run with them to further individualize, promote and wow your guests with social media at your event.

Bar Mitzvah Beachball Party

Latest Bar/Bat Mitzvah Trends

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a celebration, often a lavish one, that most Jewish families look forward to having for years. However the right choice can be a difficult one to make with an overwhelming amount of options in food, music, decoration and entertainment. We have rounded up the latest trends to have a memorable event that guests will rave about completely possible.

Photo Booths

A photo booth or some sort of photo area provides guests with great entertainment value and an awesome party favor – props take it to the next level of fun! This is also a great way to capture photos for every single guest at the event for your own memories.

Color Combinations Instead of Themes

While themes or a certain “look and feel” are still popular for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, a new concept to focus a party around is a single color or a color palette. Decorations in different shades of a color or color combos is a simple and elegant concept but still ties the party together.

Bat Mitzvah Color Scheme

Integrating Party Favors and Giving Back to the Community

Teach your kids the importance of giving back to the community by making a donation to their favorite charity on behalf of their guests. Every event at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center benefits the treatment, research and prevention of brain disorders at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, so your unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah will help preserve the memory of others.

Candle Lighting Alternatives

Not all Bar/Bat Mitzvahs need to have cakes for the traditional candle lighting. Try using uniquely decorated candle holders instead. This will still be easy to see from anywhere in the room and a lot of fun for guests to be a part of.

Food stations

People are moving away from formal meals and providing small plates or fun, interactive food stations instead. Serve the same classic favorite offerings to kids and adults, and then switch up a few for some global cuisine.

Holiday Party Decor

Tips for Booking Holiday Parties

With the Las Vegas valley still feeling triple-digit temperatures, the last thing on anyone’s minds are the holidays. However it’s never too early to start thinking about planning for a holiday event. Venue calendars fill up quickly as many rush to secure their yearly celebration, so we thought we’d give you some helpful, very essential tips for booking your holiday party.

1. Book now, not later.

Even though the holidays may seem far away, the window for finding the best prices shrinks as you wait. The longer you procrastinate, the more challenges you’ll face, so get an early start on researching the logistics!

2. Be flexible.

The ultimate, glamorous holiday celebration that you dream of may not be possible with availability or budget limitations. So have flexibility and be assured that your party will still be amazing even if it’s not what you idealized.

3. Be open to unconventional ideas.

Holiday FestivitiesFor example, try a non-traditional venue to make your party stand out from others. The Keep Memory Alive Event Center is a one-of-a-kind architectural icon that will amaze your guests. The more you think outside the box, the more you’ll be able to customize a festivity that’s all your own.

4. Be patient, the hassle will be worth it!

It will be exhausting contacting multiple venues, businesses or guests, all while keeping calm and organized. Stay patient and be diligent with your planning process and you’ll have less difficulties to deal with during the actual event.

5. Give back while having a great time

The holidays are a time of giving so encourage employees to bring toys or warm clothes for a community charity or nonprofit. Every event at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center benefits the treatment, research and prevention of brain disorders at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, so your unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah will help preserve the memory of others, some of which are holiday memories!

Power of Love

It’s the Power of Love

Prior to the 19th annual star-studded Power of Love gala on June 13 at MGM Grand, the invite-only pre-event cocktail party took place at the beautiful Keep Memory Alive Event Center. Guest of honor Andrea Bocelli surprised the crowd when he took to the stage for an impromptu performance of Ave Maria, bringing a number of guests to tears. Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck provided decadent hors d’oeuvres and wine tastings and Dr. Cummings from the Cleveland Clinic spoke about his mission and current programs offered. It was the perfect kick-off to a weekend of excitement and fun!

The following night was a powerful evening of hope with spectacular live entertainment from Gloria Estefan, Martina McBride, Robin Thicke and Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion joining in duet for “The Prayer,” bringing the crowd to its feet. Celebrities were out in full force to walk the red carpet including Quincy Jones, Sharon Stone, Emilio Estefan, Suzanne Somers and Siegfried & Roy. Queen of the kitchen Giada De Laurentiis wowed the crowd with a three-course over-the-top dinner and guests bid on priceless silent auction packages, including a vacation at Richard Branson’s private island. Check out the photos to see both nights in action!

Power of Love Pre Party Collage

Keep Memory Alive Wedding Decor

5 Hot Summer Wedding Trends

Weddings are always changing and traditional weddings are a thing of the past. Read on to see some of the trends for summer of 2015.

Boho Weddings – Flower crowns, loose waves and lace hippy chic is one of the most popular themes for weddings this summer.

Drone Wedding Photo and Video – With new technology, comes a new way to capture your wedding day. Of course, you still want to hire a professional photographer and videographer, but a drone offers a one-of-a-kind view!

Bridal Jumpsuits – Forget the big puffy wedding dresses of the past, for 2015, it’s all about the stylish, chic wedding fashion.

Deep Wedding Colors – Even though your wedding is in the summer, there are no rules on what colors you select and this season it’s about rich red wine and navy.

Two Wedding Dresses (or more!) – For the fashion forward bride, this is a cool way to display multiple looks and get various photos in different attire.

Tell us what you think, which trend is your favorite and what do you think should be the next big wedding trend?

KMA Cuisine

It’s All In The Food at Keep Memory Alive Event Center

When putting together an event, especially a once in a lifetime experience like a wedding, there are so many elements to take into consideration – of course the location and the atmosphere, and also decor, entertainment and above all, FOOD! Your guests will remember the amazing memories of the event, but the first thing they probably will recall is the food. We have multiple catering options available at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center in Las Vegas to ensure you have the best food for every budget. Read on to learn about the people behind our catering and their cooking philosophies.

  • Four Seasons – With a reputation for exceptional fine dining and amazing service, Four Seasons Las Vegas’ wedding catering team offers elegant cuisine and will create a menu along with you, meeting all your needs. They offer catering to different cultures and religions and have sample menus to choose from or you can create your own.
  • Wolfgang Puck – His name says it all! When you book our venue, you have the unique opportunity to also book Wolfgang Puck’s catering for your dining option. They will guide you from designing a delicious menu to personalizing every detail of your event day. Using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, their team can do seated, buffet, small plates or even specialty stations. With Wolfgang’s reputation, you can’t go wrong.
  • Gustav Mauler – A native Austrian, Gustav E. Mauler is President and CEO of Gustav International Chartered, a restaurant, hospitality, management and consulting company based in Las Vegas. Mauler influenced changes in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas, paving the way for independent restaurateurs and celebrity chefs to come to the city. He has mentored numerous aspiring chefs who have gone on to become executive chefs at some of Vegas’ top properties and restaurants.
  • Cut and Taste – Our newest catering option, this innovative team is not only creative but they offer high quality dining at a fraction of the cost. Since each event is unique, they are focused on each clients’ needs individually. Cooking new-age American cuisine with ethnic twists, they believe presentation is just as important as the flavor and are really changing up the catering world.

Whatever you choose, know that all food is served fresh from our 3,000-square-foot, Wolfgang Puck-designed restaurant kitchen directly to your guests’ plates.

Kenny Loggins in Concert

Singer Kenny Loggins Performs at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center

What’s Better Than Live Music at Las Vegas’ most unique Event Center?

Soft rock singer and songwriter, Kenny Loggins, gave an outstanding, intimate performance on March 25 at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center during the American Integrity Insurance event. Loggins performed for about an hour and a half after a sumptuous dinner which was provided by Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. Loggins performed solo and with the Blue Sky Riders, singing all of his popular songs including “I’m Alright” and the famous “Footloose,” which got the crowd pumped!

Keep Memory Alive Las Vegas Concert

blindfolded wine sipping

50 Shades of Wine – Blindfolded Wine Tasting Event

Love wine tasting and the element of surprise? Landry’s combined the two in a unique event hosted at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center with a blind wine tasting for their general managers.

KMA Wine Tasting VenueThe Keep Memory Alive center is no stranger to serving exquisite beverages or catering, except this time the attendees were blindfolded. Indeed, this private event began with all the guests seated around the room, while the commentator introduced the afternoon’s activities before each guest was then blindfolded so they couldn’t see. Assistants were on hand to help pour and guide guests while they tasted each wine. Blindfolded, guests were able to unplug and savor each sip of wine and the flavors they might not have noticed had they been distracted by a visual diversion.

Hosted by Henry “Hoby” Wedler, founder of the nationally recognized chemistry camp for the blind and host of Francis Ford Coppola’s Wine Tasting in the Dark experience, this enlightening two-hour wine tasting event allows guests to explore how flavors and aromas in wine are accentuated when experienced in complete darkness using the blindfold. Welder believes when a person who can see is in complete darkness, they feel more vulnerable and their senses become heightened, thus bringing out more flavors in the wine.

KMA Wine Tasting Event

Guests remarked how informative the event was and loved the uniqueness from other typical wine tastings. At the end of the event, Wedler revealed that he is actually blind.