blindfolded wine sipping

Love wine tasting and the element of surprise? Landry’s combined the two in a unique event hosted at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center with a blind wine tasting for their general managers.

KMA Wine Tasting VenueThe Keep Memory Alive center is no stranger to serving exquisite beverages or catering, except this time the attendees were blindfolded. Indeed, this private event began with all the guests seated around the room, while the commentator introduced the afternoon’s activities before each guest was then blindfolded so they couldn’t see. Assistants were on hand to help pour and guide guests while they tasted each wine. Blindfolded, guests were able to unplug and savor each sip of wine and the flavors they might not have noticed had they been distracted by a visual diversion.

Hosted by Henry “Hoby” Wedler, founder of the nationally recognized chemistry camp for the blind and host of Francis Ford Coppola’s Wine Tasting in the Dark experience, this enlightening two-hour wine tasting event allows guests to explore how flavors and aromas in wine are accentuated when experienced in complete darkness using the blindfold. Welder believes when a person who can see is in complete darkness, they feel more vulnerable and their senses become heightened, thus bringing out more flavors in the wine.

KMA Wine Tasting Event

Guests remarked how informative the event was and loved the uniqueness from other typical wine tastings. At the end of the event, Wedler revealed that he is actually blind.